this life: can be seemingly endless, at times impossible, and through it all a struggle. how you get through is up to you and how you take challenges, hardships, rewards, love, lust tragedies, and all that other shit in between. however, if there is one thing i can promise you, it's that the sun is still there - even on cloudy days.


this screamed Jenny Holzer (OU grad whatup), except it was on a church marquee

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Frederic Leighton, The Fisherman and the Syren (c. 1857) // Arctic Monkeys, 505 (2007)
brown matte lips are my new shit.

forever-amour said: The first song that plays when you hit shuffle!?

"all about that bass" by meghan trainor!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said: I just want you to know you're so gorgeous, like you have a flawless face. I love your contour and you're cheekbones are so bad ass ily and hope you go far xoxo

lol thank you very much. i’m
not nearly as cool as this, but the compliment is nice to hear :)

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Anonymous said: hi! do you have any recommendations on moisturizers and makeup for dry skin?

stay away from anything with a matte finish and also try to use a foundation that is light coverage so your skin can breathe more. also look for moisturizers that are cream based rather than gel. they will penetrate the skin further and stay in the tissue longer. and also a serum will intensify the moisturizer’s effects xx

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*breaks leg* but..are my eyebrows okay?

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