this life: can be seemingly endless, at times impossible, and through it all a struggle. how you get through is up to you and how you take challenges, hardships, rewards, love, lust tragedies, and all that other shit in between. however, if there is one thing i can promise you, it's that the sun is still there - even on cloudy days.

Candy magazine Issue 2, Anna and Grace. Photos Brett Lloyd Stylist Ana Murillis

Anonymous asked: Are you interested in or seeing anyone at the moment?

i’m trying very hard not to be xx

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heyitskarlyn asked: What program do you use to edit your videos?

imovie! i’m also teaching myself how to use adobe premier pro and after effects, but it’s difficult lol.

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here is a corner of a room that has a penis and balls

i have truly posted some things online

to the windowto the wallsto the corner dick and balls

i gave you a lot, but i’d still probably give you more.

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 Grunge ☁ Cocaine ✞ PUSSY$