this life: can be seemingly endless, at times impossible, and through it all a struggle. how you get through is up to you and how you take challenges, hardships, rewards, love, lust tragedies, and all that other shit in between. however, if there is one thing i can promise you, it's that the sun is still there - even on cloudy days.

for those of you who are under the impression that because i’m a makeup artist and also enjoy wearing makeup, i’m fake or self conscious about how i look xx

don’t ever let people give you shit for how YOU choose to look/dress/accessorize/express yourself. trolls will ALWAYS be out of style 💚 #nofilter

ghost puns are the BOO diggety 

Don’t retire your outside-the-@LincolnCenter-strut, because here’s why.

respect existence or expect resistance



sam pepper is currently unemployed, being blacklisted by other youtubers, being banned from vidcon, has lost tons of followers on all social media accounts, and has a police report filed against him.

karma did not come back to bite sam pepper. karma came back, dragged sam pepper out of his house and beat the living shit out of him.

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art girl seduction (do nthing but exist and wait for men to think u weirdhot

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